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  1. Get a piece of skirt steak from the butchers and cut in strips 30 mm x 5 mm and use a lure scent on it . Also use a long shank hook size 4 or 2 .
  2. Hi Albert There is a Kayak fisho that lure fishes Lake Mac exclusively with good results .Check him out on Y Tube at Crebos Fishing Adventures .Good site.
  3. HI Pro Lure Clone Prawn is the go in 62mm for the bream and 92mm for the flatties Clr Jelly Prawn or Motor Oil .
  4. HI Do a search for -Sun Line II- this is the best for Blackfishing .The big MO shop has it or try your local tackle guy. This is a float line.Also there is Dango Wax float line brand .
  5. Yes definitely good black fish weed . I have used this with good results but only clean it in salt water .
  6. Jaycar Electronics can supply all the parts and info you need . I have a system from them which trickle charges the boat battery from solar . Regds Bob
  7. Guess what --The Wobbler lures are on the shelf at the big A tackle store. Not expensive . Bob
  8. HI I have used many braid brands in the past and I have now found the Daiwa J 4 or J 8 braid to be excellent and for leader Berkley Vanish OK also . Regds Bob
  9. Yes Frank you can track both ways .Best toy I have on the boat . Bob
  10. Hi There are some Eels up in the brackish water with sharp teeth which may be the culprits .
  11. HI Leo Some of my best weed has come from farm creeks on the south coast as it is also in the fresh . Rgds
  12. HI Leo Google Maps golf courses near you as some have ponds and small creeks which hold string weed Only check them out late in the day when golfers are gone . Regds Bob
  13. A big 👍 for the Gamakatsu Pan Fish size 8 are best OA
  14. HI Dave---No it was not me. I use the technique in the Georges and the Hacking but they are hard to catch some times there also . Bob .
  15. HI Try a light line rig with a small ball float size (1) small sinker (0) and Mustard worm hook size 10 at 20 -30 cm under the float and use soft white bread pressed onto the hook also bread burley . But the mullet can be very fussy . Regds Bob
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