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Is the water clean at bobbin head?


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If you hop on a map or google earth you can have a look where the catchment creeks run and Bobbin Head has some residential a long way up the hill . I think after heavy rain the water might get a bit of undesirable rubbish in it but I have fished up the back of that creek for over 30 years and in general the water is clear and clears up much faster than other parts of the Hawkesbury catchment. Its a great little sneaky spot for flatties, EP's ,bream especially in a kayak or small boat but shore based aint bad either

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One of my favourite memories as a kid was fishing off the walk bridge at apple tree bay and reaching over to grab a prawn only to find a 1-1.5m iguana munching my prawns. Gave me the fright of my life !!

I fished there often when i was younger and found the water to be very clean

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