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Mid North Coast Fish


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Hey Fellas,

We've finally made the move up to the Mid North Coast. Managed to get out for a fish the other day on the Manning river on the hobie and did pretty well considering I've never fished the area before. Pretty good start to my new fishing adventures up here.

The two bream and two of the flatties were caught casting along the banks with zman grubs, and the largest flatty on the drift on a zman grub again. It was a nice morning out apart from a bit of rain and forgetting my rain jacket.




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Not a bad way to get a feed, And right on your doorstep. Paradise.

Cheers mate, yeah it's beautiful and so quite. Didn't see one other person on the water all morning.

Awesome Waz well done. It's a great river, you will have a lot of fun exploring it. There's plenty of muddies about now too if your in to catching them.

Thanks mate, yeah I look forward to exploring I more and also all the other waterways around the area. Never tried for muddies before but I can't wait to get into some. Only have a couple of witches hat traps at the moment so need to get some other traps for muddies I think.

Good work. Your fishing experiences from down here can be transported to up there.

Sometimes you have to think like a fish to catch one. :lol:

Thanks mate, yeah same thing different place hey? Can't wait to get onto a few more.

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