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New NSW DPI FishSmart App


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The NSW DPI have brought out a new fishing app for Apple devices.

Hopefully a Droid version will follow soon.


The official app from NSW Department of Primary Industries provides you with the essential information you need to fish recreationally in NSW.

The app includes; bag and size limits, closed seasons and fishing gear rules. It provides maps to show your nearest FADs, artificial reefs, Recreational Fishing Areas and where Marine Park zones are. It also includes downloadable guides including; spearfishing, fishing safely, trout fishing, regional fishing information and more. Contact DPI for illegal fishing, fish kills, pest species etc as well as local Fisheries Offices. You can view our Facebook newsfeed and pay your recreational fishing licence fee using the app.

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Looking again it would be even better with if when you click on a location it gives all restrictions for this spot. For example collecting nipppers in Gunamatta bay is not allowed but doesn't show.

Hopefully over time this all gets added in.

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Looks like they released it and impatiently identified a bug hence very 1.1

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Shame there is no offline mode. Needs Internet connection for most of the functionality

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