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Foster fishing landbased

Novice fisher

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The breakwalls are good, but you need to get the tides right. Go 1.5-2 hours after the high or low tide time so that the water has slowed or stopped. Otherwise the current will be very strong, and you will be helping the tackle shops bottom line, rather than catch fish. There are a number of piers in both Forster and Tuncurry, reasonably near the bridge, but again you need to get the timing right so that the water is stationary. There is also a fisherman’s cooperative at Tuncurry with a small wharf. The boat harbour at Forster, near the caravan park, is another place to try. I haven’t used bait, but small bard body lures and soft plastics work. It is a great part of the world. Good luck.

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Hey novice fisher, assume your land based, so my suggestions would be to try the Tuncurry fish coop at night. If you can time it with a good tide, even better.I have scored some nice bream here at night, as they hang around under the wharf picking up all the scraps from the coop.

As cargo said, the breakwalls can be good but the tidal flow can be a pain. Worth trying on the Forster side along the Breckenridge channel near or from the enclosed swimming area, also on the Tuncurry side around the boat ramp area. Another good area is on the Tuncurry side...go right to the end of Rest Point Parade, some good spots there also.

Hope this helps.

Good luck

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Hi, if you're into beach fishing try the beach south of Forster Keys, park near the bus stop. Normally produces. Underneath the Forster Tuncurry bridge north side is good for bream and flatties. While off the break wall u can catch almost anything, but it's a bit tricky to fish depending on the tide. Try tossing out lightly weighted whitebait close in to the rocks. You'll need live bait for the bigger stuff. Good luck!

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