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Murray Cod this summer


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Gday raiders,

I've been itching to get out there lately as summer draws closer and things really kick off in the land based world, so I've set myself some targets.

The first of which is to tackle some murray cod on lures. Now this is where you guys come in because I am based in the Central Coast and have no idea how far I need to travel to have a good chance. I know I can get good fish just outside Dubbo which is a 4hr drive for me but can anyone recommend somewhere closer that has good stocks of fish? They don't need to be monsters either I'm just trying to get a look at some species on my bucket list =)

Cheers in advance guys hope you all enjoyed the long weekend

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Hopefully the floodwaters will recede soon to allow access to the freshwater river systems when the cod season opens at the end of November. The upside of the floods is that it may produce good hatching of Murray Cod and Yellowbelly. Be careful with fish identification, Trout Cod are an endangered species and must be returned to the water. There is a lot of good information on the net regarding lure choice. A boat is a definite advantage, but not essential.

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6 hours ago, luderick -angler said:

All indications it's going to be a cracker of a cod season. 

I think so Royce. Where do you target Cod (region)? It looks like a lot of you blackfish anglers enjoy targeting Cod also. Would that be a fair comment? Any idea why? BN

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Dunns swamp is a good little place located near Rylstone to target murray cod and golden perch, a mate and I went for a quick trip yesterday afternoon to target some yellowbellly, while we were there we hooked a yellowbelly he was bagged for some dinnner and hooked a couple of cod that were released after a quick pic.



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