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Nambucca River wild week


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The last week has seen the fishing really fire up on the Nambucca most of my fishing has been done via quick sessions whilst travelling to and from work

started the week working my favorite tree baits was everywhere and second cats a decent


Then with nothing for a few casts I sped up the retrieve speed and the GT's came most around the 30cm range


Then the moses perch started with about 25 landed in a short period of time


the next couple of mornings I hit some local bridges on the way to work for more trevally this time mostly big eye the bigger ones around the mid to high 30's they really pack a punch on 6lb braid



then finished the week with some night casting under a local bridge which resulted in some very frustrating bust offs form large jacks, a couple of small flathead and some quality bream


all up a week of quality fishing a rough tally come to around 48 fish landed

hopefully a sign of things to come over the summer

cheers for reading


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