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Carp dispatch and disposal


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Hi, Raiders!

Now that the weather's warming up, I'll be hitting the Nepean River intermittently to keep my freezer stocked up with mullet for bait. However, carp is a relatively common bycatch (on my second, bottom-fishing rod). I know that in NSW it is not illegal to return them to the water, but they are a pest and removal is a better option.

What's the best method of disposal of carp?



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Bury them in a vegetable garden as fertiliser. Strip them for bait. Eat them.

If you choose to eat them then you need to follow the procedure to prevent them from mudding. When caught throw them into an ice slurry immediately. Fillet from shoulder to rib cage, throw the rest into the garden or fillet for bait. Salt, pepper and flour coating then pan fry in butter. If the taste still doesn't suit you then keep fertilising the garden [emoji12]

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They can be quite difficult to kill Wellzy, so in the interests of treating them humanely, I usually hit them over the head with the priest before slitting their throat. As everyone mentions they are good for fertilizer.

We don't have a garden, so we'd have no use for them as fertiliser. I also imagine you can't just leave the fish on the bank either, though.

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Definitely don't leave them on the bank as the eggs can survive in the carcass and if they end back up in the water not soon after dispatch they can still have an impact. A good whack with a priest and into a garbage bag either take home and fertilise as mentioned or put them in a bin. When trout fishing and we come across them they usually end up in the farmers compost heap or his waste disposal!

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ike jime - 100% effective and, a sharped screwdriver is smaller and easier to carry than a priest.

on using them as bait: I've heard Rob Paxivanous say (on the radio) that carp make great jewie bait. anyone tried?






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