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Penn spinfisher v


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I have a 3500ssv and 8500ssv. Had them both two years now and have gotten a lot of use.

Great reels and very durable. Spare parts are hard to come across, you can ship in from a Penn store in the US but it's not cheap. I foolishly didn't tighten the drag up enough on the 3500 and the drag cap needed replacing. Since learned the drag washers are carbon fibre so I don't mind if the drag is left a little tight after use.

havent taken massive fish with my reels though so can't comment on how they might work on a metre plus fish. Certainly for lure spinning and bottom bashing they're great.

why would you need a baitfeeder? Normally you could just leave the bail arm open if live baiting and then flip it to set the hook. I would be concerned with that live liner thing being a salt trap and clunky and also breaking early.

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