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I like the button for 'Content I Started' and when I click on unread content, the format is so easy to read and you can see it in condensed or expanded form.

it is so easy now to create a new topic with the drop down box.

I didn't use Tapatalk as I .... just didn't like it.

Well done on the changes.




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20 minutes ago, saidyehyeh said:

Hey guys! New set up looks great. Can i download this now as an app or do i have to visit always through an internet page.


Hope this makes sense 

Thanks very much. 

If you look in Technical Support there is a great post on how to get here fast :)

Look forward to your reports

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1 hour ago, saidyehyeh said:

Thanks for the help! 

I actually have a android device so is it still possible to do? 


Yeah, same principle.

Open website in chrome, tap menu, select add to home screen, name it Fishraider and voila you done.

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