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Inspecting changing impellor


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You want to make up somewhere to mount your leg to work on,here I've used a couple of bits of timber and clamps as I know Some of you guys don't have access to a vice like I usually use hence the makeshift jig and the basic tools I'm using.

leg mounted.image.jpgNext Job is to remove the four 10mm bolts holding down the impellor housing support bracket.

Those bolts.image.jpgBolts/bracket removed and now the housing can be carefully pried up using the screwdriver pulling it all the way up and off the drive shaft.image.jpgThe inside of the impellor housing.image.jpgYou want to inspect the inside for smoothness and that the O ring is in good condition.If it's smooth and not scoured it can be re-used.Also inspect the plastic housing for any cracks.

continued part 5

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