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Flathead On Plastic


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heres my first post on this site and i will start with the flathead i caught earliry this year up on the mid north coast NSW on a 1/16 squidgy finess jig and a 3inch blue pearl bass minnow

fish when 83cm and not sure about the weight

caught on 6lb fireline and 12lb siglon leader all sitting on a 2500 stradic and daiwa firewolf im6 rod


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yeh sorry about that i was just going by a few of the other post,

doesn't bother men anyway as i never go chaseing record i just love catching and chaseing them

flathead did give a pretty good account for it's self and the only shame was they on only packed the 1kg stick away a few casts before hand :mad3:

ohwell i'm sure i will get another one onedat like that on the 1kg gear and sure it will be one of the best buzzes i will have

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Nice fish,

I fish with soft plastics regularly down in Lake Macq. If you love catching big flathead head on down, though after the last Flathead classic up at the Gold Coast...theres some damn good fish up in those water ways. Though I haven't fished it in years the river upstream of the Macksville bridge also holds some surprisingly good lizards


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thanks to all

i have only fished the nambucca river one and while it didn't fire for me still looked the good and i must get back up there this summer

i'm sure lucky to live in the area i do as it isn't uncommon for flathead this size to be taken

i love catching both bream and bass on plastics but these big flathead sure come close

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You still moving to Qld Basserman ??

no found a last minute job down here that will do for the time being so hopefuly i woun't need to move for a while yet

misses love the fact we are only a few streets from the water and five mins to the beaches

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