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Freshwater lures


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G'day Scotty. It's very easy to say a particular lure is amazing, but I'd like to advise a couple of types of "lures". 5 -8 cm Soft plastics work well on Redfin and Trout and Hardbody lures (up to 10 cms) work better with Yellas. Only thing is with hardbodys is to get them to the depth that the fish are holding. In a river, most likely 2 -5 mtrs, whereas in a dam they could be much deeper. Hardbody lures, even trolled, will seldom get down very deep. That's where soft plastics can be really beneficial...just put a heavier jighead on and it will get to the bottom. I do like the Zman S/Ps and have paddle tails and CurlytailZ. Are you land based or in a boat. Fishing a river or impoundment? Remember to fish as light as possible for the target species and location. Let me know if you need any more suggestions. Good luck, BN.

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My own DIY recipe for Redfin is Small SP + long shank hook + Split shot on it . Cheap as chips. Easy to adjust weight/hook size etc .  And no that regret feeling when $20 lost in snags after the first cast.

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