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Live Bait Port Hacking Tips?


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Hey Raiders,

I'm trying to get into catching Kingfish in the hacking and looking to first master catching live bait.

Any tips or recommendations on where to find consistent yakkas and squid in the Hacking by boat? 

Any help is appreciated! 



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Almost the same as Bee Jay but the public mooring at Jibon,  lots of bread burley and a single unweighted hook falling through the water worked best for me.  I've had the occasional squid there but not loads.  The patchy ground off salmon haul is supposed to produce more squid but I struggled there tbh. 

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On 18/11/2016 at 8:38 AM, nickoo90 said:

Thanks for the tips guys. Will give it a go this weekend and let you know how I go. 

Calamari sqid can be hit and miss in Hacking and impossible after rain, however River squid (incorrectly known as arrows) are smaller but relatively easy and a good size to downrig. 

As an example I caught 9 in Botany Bay recently while fishing for flathead and over 20 when fishing with a mate in the Hacking earlier this week.  I sent you my phone details earlier.

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