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Port Hacking Flathead & Squid


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A80C4D3C-C1DA-4E47-AB79-628B1AF7E7DD.jpeg.82ff20499160bc1d218bbad9a8d9bb60.jpegHeaded out to port hacking targeting flathead today. Was out for 4 hours - in the water 9.30 and back out by 1.30.

picked up 3 flatties - 2 on live poddies and one on a paddle tail lure.


A good size blue swimmer grabbed one of the poddies and decided to come home with me.

Headed over to the weed beds around midday - quite a few squids around. Weren’t taking the brown/green colours - but the pink jig did the trick. 4 green eye & 1 small arrow in about 30mins. The green eyes were of decent size.


beautiful clear water in the hacking atm.




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