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Last Friday, I was asleep, the phone rang at about 11pm, my fishing mate was on the the phone " going fishing mate? " I didn't even look at the time, replied "let's go mate."  

We went to Bass and Flinders Point to try for breams and tailors. When we got there about 12 :15, saw two guys walking to car with no fish. They said they had been fishing since 7pm, 5 hours and no hits. I asked my friend if he wants to go home but then we decided to try out. 

Put the pillies on the ganged hooks,  with a starlight stick onto the float. Just about 3 mins in the water, it was wonderful to see the starlight went deeply down. I thought it was a juvenile shark, it was heavy but when I reeled in I knew it wasn't sharks or tailors or flatties just by the way the fish was fighting. 

It was a bream, a super massive bream I have never seen  before. After the first exciting  catch, we kept getting tailors it was raining tailors. We only have to wait for about 1 min to see the starlight went down again and again. The tailors were all different sizes, many small which we threw back, more than 15 tailors under size. I managed to get exactly 10 big beautiful fat tailors and two massive breams that night. My friend also kept 10 big tailors, he didn't get any bream. 

What's a night!  We went home at 4am, and didn't feel sleepy a bit.


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Well done Billy (and mate). Never fished with floats at night but can imagine how exciting it would be seeing it disappear below the surface, yet still be visible (light). Great to get so many fish when the other guys got none. Cheers, BN

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Hi guys, I didn't take any photo of the fish, put them straight into my freezer. Scratchie,  I'm curious about the actual size of the massive bream too, will take the fish out from the freezer and measure and post it here. 

The place where we fished was in South Cronulla, just 5 minutes drive from Cronulla station. 

Hello to big Neil, Noo2ozfish, blackfish angler.


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