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Signs are looking really good

big Neil

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Had a bit of spare time yesterday so went to the creek to check things out. Still closed season for Cod so thought I'd try a few worms out while getting some shrimps. When I arrived at my usual spot there was a caravan parked there with a couple fishing. They had been there for 24 hrs and were planning to stay for another night. I got talking to them and they come over regularly from Braidwood. They had a few shrimps in a bucket so (at least) that looked promising. Loaded the shrimp net up with "my dog" dry biscuits and threw it in near some weeds. Chucked some worms on with a double paternoster rig and settled down for a few hours "research". 

Caught a couple of good sized Carp which were much deeper and thicker through the "shoulders" than normal and the couple caught a Cod (inadvertently). It too was extremely well developed through the shoulders and had obviously been eating well. It was legal size but was released unharmed. Normally the Cod would be lacking a bit of condition at this time, having been through their breeding cycle. 

So the research showed that the water is dropping nicely (although very slowly), the discolouration is no longer a problem, the fish are in excellent condition, BUT NO SHRIMPS. Not a single shrimp after 3 hours of soaking the "My Dog" biscuits. BAD NEWS... Will need to do more research into the missing shrimp whilst trying to get some yabbies, next week.

Overall view is that the floods where I live will probably have been beneficial. Unfortunately there has been big fish kills, due to black water, in the smaller Edwards and Wakool Rivers. SO SAD.

Roll on the glorious 1st...      BN

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6 hours ago, macman said:

Nice report, miss the inland rivers. Sadly we used to really thrash them when we were kids, in those days springers and drum nets were the norm :(


Know what you mean Matt. I don't know where people get the idea that it's fishing to hit the river for a weekend, put in hundreds of set lines and get blotto. Next morning they boast how many Cod they got. Thank heavens they have made all those practices illegal and imposed closed seasons, bag and size limits. Now we can go angling for the fish and even practise catch and release. Cheers, BN

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