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port stephens


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Hey rick,

Sorry mate, not a lot to report at this stage. Miss my pub session with the boys last night so intel not there. 

I would definately give the the sisters and cod rock a go for snapper late arvo and maybe north rock for a kingy! 

Let us know how you go!

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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It was a bit lumpy out there yesterday, so hope the swell settles down for you.

I had a late start (not uncommon) although I was up at 4, planning to hit the water at first light. Shoal Bay ramp is about 800m away but I headed for Soldiers Point as it's easier for a solo retrieve. Got there about 5. I usually take the bung right out after fishing in case it falls out or gets pinched and I put it in the boat's glovebox. Guess what wasn't there when I got to the ramp?! ?? So, I came home, had a second breakfast and headed out to the boat dealer which opens at 8. Bought 2 new bungs (one now stays in the car's glovebox as a spare) and left the ramp about 8:30. Headed to Mrs Murphy's but the yakkas and slimies weren't cooperating, so trolled along the rocks to Fingal hoping for a bonito or a kingie. The Maritime Park Authority came over for a look and we waved at each other.

I headed out to 45m to try a flathead drift but I started feeling a tad seedy in the swell so headed for the islands. Trolled my favourite X-Rap (ghost) on one line and a Xmas tree on the other line around Boondelbah Is. and had an absolutely screaming run on the X-rap as I rounded the northwest corner. Pulled in the Xmas tree and proceeded to play the fish on the 6kg outfit. 10 minutes in and I had colour - an absolute horse of a bonito! I was using a pre made wind on leader and was just getting reader to trace it, when the leader pulled out of the Dacron! Damn! ??

I rerigged, minus the X-Rap but with one of those redheaded white minnows and got a standard size bonnie on the next pass.

it was getting a bit uncomfortable for me out there in what was a washing machine so headed back inside. Picked up a keeper flathead on the drift near Yacaaba but had no luck further up the Port. I had a good run at one of Scratchie's markers but it felt like a ray and eventually busted off. ? Back to the ramp at 4. A long day for not much but at least I was out on the water, I guess! My son's driven down to Sydney for the day with the missus and the mother-in-law to get some stuff done, so I'm minding his 3 dogs here - so no fishing for me today. Maybe Saturday then I leave at 7am Sunday for work later that morning. I really need to get a transfer up here!

Have a great day, Rick!

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ended up fishing lake mac and outside Swansea...hard going all weekend...a couple of salmon fri arvo  a dozen bream up to 41cm..two flathead 60cm and 72 cm..1 small reddie and two mullet..not a lot for a whole weeknd on the water..i did 71nm on gps..I won our local comp but it was a very tiring weeknd in the boat...oh well cant catch them on the lounge....rick

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thanks scratchie the fishin was way hard over the wknd..it seems everything that swims had lockjaw on Saturday with that sw wind blowin  .hopefully il get a shot at broughton in the next two weeks..cant wait..then I have to decide between cod and big reddies..lifes a bitch...bahahaha

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