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Installing New Tow Bar


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The electrics are now all wired and it's time to test if the lights are working.Connect the trailer plug and turn on the Hazards,Parkers and get someone to press the brakes.

All good here.image.jpg

Tidy up all the wiring in the cargo/boot area and put the trim panels back on carefully paying particular attention not to knock over the mug of bourbon and coke some dim wit left there.(If you can't find them,drink it).image.jpg

last but not least make sure everything is in order and all your vehicles lights are still working.

All good here too.image.jpg

This installation cost me $270 for the Tow Bar delivered to my door and around 2 hours of my time all up.

I hope this helps someone understand what's involved when installing a Tow Bar and why they're charged the amount they are and maybe next time around with this as a guide you can do it yourself and enjoy the pleasure of your fruits.

Thanks for reading guys and see you out there on the water.


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