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Measuring Tow Ball Down Weight


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In over 20 years of Towing trailers,boats,horse floats and a caravan at one stage this method has worked great for me and is surprisingly accurate although for heavier ball loads than the scale reads you will need to use the Scales in combination with some marked timber at 300mm intervals and spacers to split the load and be able to use the scales as shown.image.jpg

But I would recommend you guys with heavier boats and higher Tow Ball down loads get a scale like this then make whatever adjustments are required as I have shown.image.jpg

The saddle on those bottle jacks fit inside the coupling beautifully  compared to a block of wood/pipe and adjusts to any required height also.

Here is my finished rig after taking it for a long test drive in the suburbs and on image.jpgthe freeway sitting nicely on the driveway.I have to say she towed like a champion and the trailer followed behind beautifully.

I will see how she goes on the un braked trailer up and down the mountains then decide if I'm putting mechanical brakes on her.

If I fit brakes and anyone's interested I'll put up a post on how I fit the kit and weld on the caliper mounts to the axle.

Thanks for reading my posts guys and as always I hope it's helped someone out.




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11 hours ago, big Neil said:

Very similar to my set up Fabian. Your boat is slightly bigger... and mine is tiller operated. No trailer brakes on mine either and it's easy to forget that it's behind at times. BN

Thanks Neil,I've had no complaints to date as she's been a great little boat for my needs.

I certainly am aware the boats on the back with both cars and may put brakes on her for the added safety as I go up/down a few decent mountain passes.



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