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Kings at night

Kingy fisho

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This is my first post but I've read the forum for quite sometime. 

I was wondering if anyone had ever caught a kingfish at night? I've caught many over the few years I have fished but I've always believed that they were day time, visual hunters. I'd love to hear any stories of night time kingfish.

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I got one at night a couple of years ago that came up my bearly trail and was feeding just behind the boat around 1am. When I got him in though he was in very poor condition with an old hook in him and a piece of fishing line wrapped around him which seemed to be cutting him and preventing him from swimming properly. As such I put the night time capture down to the fact the poor thing was just starving and no option but to try and find whatever food it could.

I have heard of one or two others but seems to be very rare for them to feed after dark.




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not sure about the Sydney area, in the estuary up here the bigger kingies seem to be caught more at night they seem to lose their day time inhibitions, most of the fish I've seen caught have been actively feeding on baitfish under lights on the breakwall

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