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Need Some Help - What are we doing wrong?


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Hi all,

We are two very keen fisherman who have been trying for the past six months but believe it or not, all we caught in those 6 months was an undersized bream and a toadfish. We know we are doing something wrong but can't pinpoint it, as we have tried different places: Botany bay boat ramp, Beach next to the runway near the Sydney airport, Patonga and we even hired a tinny at the Cooks River and left without a nibble. We tried different bait: squid, prawn, glow worms, regular worms, live crab and soft plastics, and we don't even get a nibble most of the time. We also tried different hooks and sinkers. Are we just really unlucky or are we doing something wrong or going to the wrong places? If so does anyone have any tips on what to do to increase our chances or do have any better spots than the ones listed above around Sydney?

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A good place to start is your terminal tackle.... Go lighter, and try to ensure your hook is complete covered by your bait.

Good quality monofilament leader in less than 10lb is a great start.

Bait wise try and avoid servo prawns and go for freshly caught bait or tackle store stuff.

It's very unlikely to hit a wharf on Sydney harbour and go home empty handed if you fish sunrise or sunset. Usually favouring Tide changes...

Keep at it and good luck!

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What night rider has mentioned about fishing sunrise and sunset is pretty accurate. Try fishing with baits to start with. Even fresh chicken breast will get you onto some good fish.

Also, are you fishing the tides? This is also pretty important. If you see other guys catching at your spot, go see what they are doing differently. Sometimes though the fish just won't be there at all and you won't get many bites if any.

Use medium-sized long shank hooks or bream hooks to start with.

You should be onto some good fish in no time!

Good luck! Keep us posted!

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- Tell us what is your current tackle setup and may be you will get more suggestions.

- Colder year season usually means less action in the water.

- Try fishing early in the morning or late evening/night.

- Try fishing near the structure (bridges, wharfs, rocks etc) and in the gutters as they hold more fish.

-  Not sure what you meant by 'regular worms'. Live Beach/Blood worms are very very good bait.  I had no much luck with earth worms in salt water.


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