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Action Fishing Tournament Kayak series Round 1- Georges River


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Hi all

I thought I'd do a write up of a recent comp that I took part in and also to let people know more about this competition series that's being run around Sydney area for kayak fishos.

So a couple of Sydney guys have organised a series called the Action Fishing Tournament series around mostly Sydney and central coast areas. The cost of entry is cheap($60), and its a one day 6 hour event ( your wives/partners can thank them later). The event is strictly catch photo & release( this means all sizes are measured) targeting the humble bream; with the total length of 3 bream measurement from head to tip to give you your total score to compete against others. As the events are shorter and numbers are capped at 50 per event its a great way to experience a fishing tournament. The full list of rules and regulations are on their facebook site here. They would love to see a few more anglers so get involved! ( I am also happy to answer any questions)


Anyway onto my report! So round 1 is on the glorious Georges river, the launch point is at Holts Point Place Boat ramp at Sylvania waters. Great launch area as it gives you so many options like Wooloware Bay, the canals, towra flats, the bridges, kogarah bay and so on and so forth. The race brief took place at 5:45 am with the competition taking place between 6am-12pm. On Launch we had the dead of the high tide and it wouldn't begin running out until around 7.30-8am.

I had two plans in mind and was still quite undecided until the day of the comp on which to execute;

  • Plan 1 was to hit Towra Flats and work the weed beds and sand flats with topwater 🤤, crankbaits and other shallow lure presentations.
  • Plan 2 was to play on one of the bridges for a bit and then head down Kogarah bay.

I decided to hit up Plan 2, due to the fact that a strong southerly wind was forecast and it was due to kick in from about 8:30 am, this worked to be a smart decision with many others going to woolooware bay an strugglng in the windy conditions.

I first hit up Tom Uglys bridge throwing the muss and cranka crab on a number of pylons but it was very quiet, I thought maybe due to being no current there was not much activity. I earmarked the bridge for a later return ( more on this later). I headed down the western side of Kogarah bay throwing a pro lure crank-shallow up against the rock walls and soon managed my first bream a little 20 cm model. Photo taken and back in the drink.

During this time I catch a 3 undersized flatheads too and release them.

I throw some different soft plastics under various structure but the only thing taking them is more flathead! damn it.

I then lose my crankbait on a reef and change over to the same crankbait but in black. I am now on the eastern side of Kogarah and success another little bream to add to the comp this ones a tad smaller at 18.5 cm, but Ill take it.

By this time its about 10.30 am and I have to make a call to either fish the marina or go back and hit the bridge pylons. I choose the Bridge!

Over I go to work a couple of sections with the muss lure. Throwing the muss is tricky as you want to get the lure to waft down the water column as close to the structure as you can with out a whole lot of rod movement. This involves lots of casting if you don't get it right.

But when you do get it right... Its a big whack!! and thats just what happened, the fish took the lure and pulled me straight toward the pylon and I was fighting him hard. I was determined to bring this fish to the boat. Anyway this fish wasn't coming in easy and I had my rod and reel working hard but finally got the bream in the yak. I swear he felt like a 40 cm model but went 35-36 cm. 

After that effort it was time to pedal back to the launch for the finish so I decided to troll ( yes you can also troll in these comps) with my black crank bait on the way back. I tell you what I have found a new way to catch flat head as I hooked about 3 more of them on the way back.

At the Weigh in/Measure in we all give our phones and photos to the admins running the comp and they enter our numbers into their spreadsheet. To my suprise I managed to jag a 6th spot out of 30 or so anglers. This gives me some good points towards the series and hopefully qualifying for the Grand final where the top 30 anglers are invited to compete.

I hope to see some of you at the next round at Tunks Park in January!




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