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1st post - Two pb Flatheads broken in one night


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Long time reader, first time poster. 

It was a first for many last week to be quite frank. Been fishing for a while only recently started understanding there's more two it then just wetting a line with some bait on the end of it. 

Have been fishing mainly northbridge these past 10 months or so. As I started getting infected with the fishing disease at the start of this year decided to get myself a boat and go out more frequently and what can I say I'm 'hooked'

Despite the weather warnings, decided to give abbotsford a crack for the first time last week. 

Not sure what to expect took myself some banana prawns and bag of frozen pilchards. 

Decided to fish the shallow waters in between the boats and first cast within 10 odd minutes my pilchard tail hanging on the bottom of a patternoster rig got hit.

Instantly called it a flatty and I guess the satisfaction that comes with knowing what's on the end of your line makes it that extra special. Had a relative with me and after a couple of attempts netted my pb 65cm flathead. Fought pretty well however imagined it to be a lot smaller than what surfaced. 

After an hour or so rain had gotten heavier so decided to switch spots. No luck around the gladesville area so decided to head back to abbotsford. 

They weren't biting so I decided to sit down and make myself a hotdog.. As I was putting the mustard on .. Line started screaming in the rod holder. After a couple of runs.. The net was grabbed and there it was, I had landed a 90cm lizard.. Broke my pb yet again and what a feeling. 

Only one more flathead for the night which went 62cm. Pretty satisfied with the night ended it on a high because the rain got abit too much. 





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23 hours ago, Arnie11 said:

Thanks mate. All flatties were released..  Ladies went back in to produce more of these lizards

Good read

And what a champion releasing those big girls.

Dont hold your breath til you get the next PB. 90+ is right up there


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Thanks BN and Swampgecko. Heading out in a couple of hours time for a bream session looking to bring back more knowledge and success later on today, always room for trial and error but just being on the water can't beat that. stay tuned.

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Wow mate, that is an excellent catch. 65cm is a pretty sizable fish to warm up with, but to catch something in the 90cm range on the same trip is unreal. Some big flatties over there then!

Well done on an awesome catch, you should enter into COTM!

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@GordoRetired Thanks champ. @Mike89 Thanks man, I would've been stoked if I had only gotten the 65cm flattie for the night. It was my first time actually fishing abbotsford so yea if first impressions anything to go by then there's some thumpers hanging around there. Will put it up for COTM once I reach 10 posts haha, thanks for that. @kiwicraig haha yea man I was stoked did not see that one coming, going to be a while since I even come close to that. @Fufu thanks fufu.

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