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Trial run

big Neil

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We had to take my mate Jeffs boat out for a trial run, before the season gets under way next week. The river is still about 1.5 mtrs higher than usual at this time of year and running heaps through the weirs...so a fairly good flow happening. We only ventured a total of about a km from the ramp and found lots of promising spots. The boat went ok against the very strong current and each place we pulled up we caught fish. Using shrimps and worms we had hoped to snag a few yellowbelly for dinner. Alas no yellas but half a dozen Carp to about 15lb and (bycatch) 4 Cod to 60cms. All of the fish caught this past few weeks had definitely been feeding very well, no doubt due to the floods and all the additional food washed into the river. The Cod were all released unharmed...not so lucky for the Carp though. Didn't bother with any photos, just a test run for the boat.

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