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Hey guys im looking at getting 1 or 2 new outfits to add to the arsenal. Mainly for lures and soft plastics. Im set up with a great combo for soft plastics on the bread and butter species and after learning how to use the plastics ive decided i want to also be able to target largwr jews and kingies. I know i can catch it with lighter gear but would like something specifically for these species to take along so of i see bust ups i dont have to re tie lures and its ready to go for kings. 

What decent setups would everyone consider? Im thinking a trion 3-6kg rod 3000 or 4000 stradic and 20lb braid main line? Just want to get opinions on what else i could get etc. Ive bee  using metals and plastic stickbaits and popper but find my rod I'm using at the moment (veritas) to stiff and cant get good casts out. Might keep that one for the boat. 


Cheers fellas

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hey deekay, I am a beginner and got lots of suggestions from the experienced raiders over here. I would suggest you to go with a 5000 or 6000..you can use it for bread and butter and for kingies too..with high drag and ratio as well. serves both purpose. Go with a 4-7kg 7' rod for bread and butter fishing (lure spinning) heavy action but lighter and atlist 10' rod which you can use for beach fishing and rock fishing as well for long cast (try to get a bit lighter rod..spend a bit extra..but do get a lighter one).. it depends on ur budget.

my budget wasn't that much.. I went with shimano Socorro sw 6000 $179-very light and daiwa bg 8500 $229 ( I should have got 6500..a bit lighter one).. go for a 30lb braid main line (all rounder-not low or too much). use a flouro as ur leader.

I hope it helps!

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Hey bud. Thanks for the reply. Ive got setups for that type of fishing but lure fishing generally requires lighter gear. I use 1-3 and 2-4  for bread and butter fosh using lures and plastics. While this is good for rat kings and schoolies of jew fish it wont take on the bigger ones.  Ur set up is more for bait fishing. I gdt kews and kingies regularly with bait but with plastics you would struggle working a lure with anything that heavy due to stiffness and arm fatigue. Im on the path of 3-6kg rod and 3000 or 4000 reel with 15 or 20 lb main line but more need ideas of brands and what people rate highly. So far om thinking gloomis or trion rod. 

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