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Kingfish Ceviche Recipe


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As requested by some members here is my wife’s kingfish ceviche recipe that’s she has refined over time. We love this sauce and it’s our favourite. Honestly I’m not sure why but I can’t handle wasabi and soy anymore, maybe because my pallet has been spoiled!

Anyway it seems like a lot of ingredients but worth a try. This recipe goes well with Kingfish, Australian Salmon and Trevally. 

2 tablespoons grapeseed oil
1 teaspoon soy sauce
1 teaspoon yuzu/lemon juice
1 clove garlic puree
20g black pepper
1.5 teaspoons white miso
1.5 tablespoons mirin
1.5 tablespoons sake
Some sugar to taste if too salty
Add diced red onion and spring onion

There are various toppings you can add to this which we have tried and they all work out well. You can drizzle the sauce on lightly but we prefer to drown it in the sauce as it’s so good you could drink it!

Photo 1: Is kingfish ceviche but we added some chilli oil to spice things up a tad

Photo 2: Is kingfish ceviche without chilli oil

Photo 3: Is Australian Salmon with additional toppings of pomegranate and some fried shallots for texture. The green leaves are shiso leaves, optional topping up to your taste. We normally dice the leaves and dress it ontop. Purple or green shiso leaves both work.

Photo 4 & 5: If you’re in the mood for some extra texture then you just add the fish onto some fried sesame rice crackers for some crunch.







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