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Crowd-sourced map of water accessible vendors


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G'Day All,

I'm often out on the water and wondering where I can buy stuff. From what I've found, there's no decent map available of water accessible shops for Sydney and surrounds. If there's interest, I'd like to crowd-source this information from the good folks on this site, then combine it into a public google map.

Would anyone be interested in contributing to this / find a resource like this useful?

I've created a public google map that would be a great platform on which to host it, if anyone would like to add a location, it's open to anyone to edit at this link: http://bit.ly/mapFR

Alternatively, you could add a destination in this thread and I'll add it to the map.



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15 minutes ago, savit said:

Heaps of food spots on Tripadvisor including location, reviews etc. Thousands can be added to the  map...

Thanks - will check out Tripadvisor. I'm trying to make something tailored for people in boats, ideally where you can pull up out the front in your boat and buy stuff.

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9 minutes ago, Scratchie said:

Navionics has this function on its app. Where to get fuel/food/marinas etc! 

I've got Navionics - I'll take a better look into the app as it seems a bit hard to interpret... eg you have to click into every marina to see if they have 'transient berths'

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Something that would also be good to implement are for those with boats who don't have a 'head',  public toilet locations that are accessible by boat  Ie a place to Moore up (preferably free) or beach and walking distance to a toilet. Not sure if there is a feature like this already as I  only just got a fish finder with gps and would love to have something like this when I'm out and about. 

Cheers  OJ

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Guest Guest123456789

Sounds like you have an app in Alpha and are looking to source more data. Best of luck, I for one would certainly use it!


PS you better offer swordies a % haha!

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