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Todays blackfish for nothing 9/12/ 2016

blackfish angler

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Went with Broometime for a Blackfish after a slow start downs came then fish 4 we ended up with at the end of fishing I pulled up the keepers net and all our fish looked like the photo I posted. This has only happen twice all my years of fishing for blackfish ??????. I would say Eels . As per no fish for dinner .



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Guest Guest123456789

Thanks for sharing and good to know. One of the pools I use with a keeper net could house eels so I'll maybe try another spot next time.

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Guest hawkesbass
5 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Amazing! I have a new name for you lot.

I might even make a new badge for Luderick anglers!!!

The SSWG is what you will be called :)

Seeking clarification on the meaning of SSWG.

Cannot for the life of me work out its meaning.

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