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Trout fishing Lake Eildon Vic

Mr Dalucius

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We were down in Victoria on some personal business so we weren't prepared for fishing.

We decided to go to Lake Eildon for the weekend arriving Friday 2nd December.  So off to Kmart to buy a some gear, a cheap rod $12 and to BCF to get some powerbait.

It was a beautiful afternoon so we went down to the Pondage, it's a lot bigger than it looks in the picture.pondage.JPG

Found a nice spot in the shade and dropped in a line.

The locals were arriving for there afternoon/evening fish. It was very quiet, no rises, no one catching anything just the locust making a deafening noise.

About 3.30pm there was a couple of splashes out in front of me as a fish was chasing dinner.

The curl in my cheap line was starting to straighten out.

As I picked up the slack the fish was off. 

After a couple of runs I landed this nice 52cm trout.trout.JPG



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