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Nelson bay Kingfish, Trevally.


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Took family and parents to Nelson bay on weekend for Fishing.

On arrival at midday Saturday there was a school of Kingfish swimming around Breakwall and Marina. 

Nice site in clear water. They took off pretty quickly. Around 20 mins later gave rod to my mother and went to fill the water with bucket when I can hear my son screaming Kingfish.

My mother had a nice fight with the fish and we ran in at the last seconds when it was around the pylons to help pulling it out. Just shy of legal, It went back in.

But my mother enjoyed the fight and a good start. That was it for the most of the day until  around 6pm saw some nice Trevally in the water which very large. My son hooked one on light gear and within seconds had line busted on pylons. Went for the second try and this time i opened reel to lure him away from pylons to open water which did work. But the fish had speed and power which was unstoppable. fish he ran towards the rescue marine boat with tightest drag i can go for 8lb i couldn't not tire him and it was over.

Tried heavier gear but no takes. That was the only action we had for 2 days. You need to wait a very long time in between for some action. Fish are well fed and are snobby  :) in the area.

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You won't be the first or last to get done in by a big fish at that breakwall. LB there is a tough challenge. Seen many of anglers lose line, lures and rods to the bruts that frequent the place, including yours truly! 

At least your mum managed to land one! :)

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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Great report. I'm heading up there in a couple of weeks, and chomping at the bit to get there! Are there any restrictions up there? I was up there 5 years ago and there was none, but my brother (who doesn't fish), said something about that you can't fish somewhere near the marina. Hopefully I'm not hijacking the thread...apologies if I am!

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I got done & nearly dragged in on that break wall by something very big when I was like 10 years old, some 38 years ago.


I'm smarter & more equipped now but those opportunities are few & far between now & not really expected which is why most are on light gear.


Mind you as usual with fishing its all about the right timing.


At minimum its just a great place to be!

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