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Rat kings from kayak


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Yak session out of little manly this morning.  No wind and swell ok. Fished quarantine station to out front of north head. Trolled hard bodies in search of the fish, no takers. Stopped at old mans hat and cast stick baits...nothing. Kept trolling to north head and fished plastics ( white slapstix on 1/4 ounce jig head) around the ledges. Not much bait around, no salmon boils. Turned back and had a flick around the "green wheely bin" just inside north head. Finally hooked up to a fat little rat king. Gave me a good tussel on 20lb spooled on diawa freams on my azusa 4-7kg outfit. Quickly released. They were not schooling up like last weekend unfortunately so after a good size Sargent baker we called it. 3 weekend sessions in a row with kings now!! Keep them coming. Hope the bigger models show up soonIMG_1003.PNG

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3 hours ago, Mike89 said:

Awesome fish! It does look a bit hectic out there on the yak. How far out can you go?

I have seen some pretty big kings in the harbour recently around the 80cm mark.

Yeah I find the structure a little too spread out in the harbour for the kayak,  makes for a lot of paddling. I like to fish the inner reefs just outside the heads, I think you get more concentrated structure close to deeper water and current. Generally don't go more than 500 m  out. No need in the summer 

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