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1 Man Inflatable Fishing Boats


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These things seem to sell for around 50 bucks on Ebay. Obviously they would be in trouble in anything but a fairly sheltered estuary however i was thinking of picking one up for a bit of mucking around (Flathead drift?) in my local area (Woronora / Georges Rivers) could be a bit of fun and maybe even work off some of those :beersmile:

What do you reckon lads, anyone have any experience with these things?

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With the profile of that boat, its low weight and lack of ergonomics for paddling, you would be in strife if someone farted near it, let alone in a decent breeze. I can't see too many days when it would be viable.

Good call Dave. The fart call has given me an idea


There are some quiet parts of the upper woronora it would suit i reckon, but agreed, there wouldnt be too many places you could use it...........

Looks fun though, nothing like risking life and limb on $50 watercraft :074:

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I used to have a one man inflatable boat as a kid. It was one of those cheapies that were meant for the pool....

Doesn't really help you but this is a great story :biggrin2:

On afternoon, when I was about 6 (or there abouts), I was in the lake out the back of the house with a $5 Coles rod, a bolt as a sinker and a pack of 3 day old prawns. I was about 300m from shore and the family was on the back verandah just watching.

Anway I hooked up to the behemoth from the deep, well so I though... I was only 6 :biggrin2: . After a short tussel I had the biggest flattie I had ever seen next to the boat. In reality it was probably only 60cm. With out a second thought I pulled the flattie over the side....

Well here I am 300m from shore, a flattie flapping around between my legs and a realisation that flattie spikes and inflatable boats don't mix...

The old man still recons its one of the funniest things he has ever seen..... His eldest son paddling hell for leather in a deflating boat, trying to dodge the spikes, trying to make it to shore before the boat deflates around him.

To cut a long story short I made it back in, with the fish, had him for dinner but the boat was retired to the bin

I still have a good chuckle when I think about it :biggrin2:

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hi lads.......... I have one of those fishhunter inflatables, great for protected areas such as upstream of the roseville bridge. Another funny story happened only the other day, decided (stupid i know) to take it out eh back of palm beach and find deep water out a bit, have a little motor, all was calm and having fun. The southerley started blowing and almost blew us to lion island, ditched the motor and paddled like buggery to the rocks on the northern end and only just grabbed the second last rock, scared s@itless and dragged boat back to shore. LESSON: Stick to sheltered areas

Hope this helps

geary :05:

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