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Just serviced the 20hp Yamaha on my mate Jeffs boat and took it out for a run. Usual routine at the boat ramp saw Jeff trying to start it, but failing miserably...so we swapped over. First pull and it kicks in to life. I keep telling him that it's a right handed boat and he's left handed. The other thing he refuses to do is have a good feed of porridge before we go...then he'd have enough energy to start the boat motor.

Since the floods the river is a lot different with new sunken logs and shifted sandbanks, so we took it easy for the first bit, which is always tricky. After a while we were able to open her up and she went really well, even with Jeff driving LOL.

We motored upstream a few kms and pulled in to several likely looking spots. The river is still quite dirty and running fairly quickly...both factors which affect bait fishing a lot. Jeff used dead shrimps and worms (cocktail) and I used I used live shrimps on 1 rod and cheese on the other. We spent 6 hours fishing and had to seek shelter under some big redgums to avoid baking in the late morning sun. We don't usually get under the gum trees...they're not called "widow makers" for nothing. OUTCOME: Neil 1 Cod on cheese, Jeff 8 Cod and a huge Carp, all on the cocktail of dead shrimps and worms.

Saw a pair of spoonbills high up in a gum tree with their young one...got me wondering what they eat?IMG_7901resize.jpgIMG_7902resize.jpgIMG_7903resize.jpg

Enclosed (hopefully) are a few pics and a short video of the scenery. Cheers, BNhttps://vimeo.com/196353530


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