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Stockton beach


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Hey guys this is my first post ever and i hope it fits the criteria,
  My brother inlaw and my self decided to head up to stockton beach not knowing what we were going to be in for. And ill just start off by saying best trip of my life. We got up there while the sun was still shining and managed to find a nice long gutter. We fished it for a while say about 4 hrs with only catching a few taylor and salmon which we used for bait to chase the jewys. We were in for the night and were going to pack up shop just after sunrise.

At around midnight my mates rod just buckled and started to peel off line. So we jumped up he got the rod and i got ready to get wet. Next thing you know i see the bright golden eyes  looking strait at me and i just ran in and grabed him as he brought him in. It came in at 105cm. I was excited and screaming its a jewyyy.

Then it hit me. I got a tad jealous think bloody hell why didnt it take my taylor. So i swaped over to salmon strip. After the the rest was history. My rod just went hell for leather peeling off line. I got him closer and closer the boom off he went again. I finally got him in and boom its a jewfish. He went 120cm. Withing me rebaiting more salmon strip 10min has passed and boom my rod went crazy again got him in and he went 117cm.

There was no turning back. We went back up on the 17th october 2016 and hoping to get another. What happens my rod went crazy again with another jew coming in at 110cm. Then the crazy wind hit so we packed up shop and came home.

Overall my experience at stockton (2 trips haha) has been on ill never forget and i will continue to go there for the amazing fishing, dunes and the awsome sunsets put on desplay. Absolute magical place.


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Great 1st report just leave out the f bombs please :)
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