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Bream on SP's - Trainer needs Training


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Took my 14yo Daughter (Natannè) out this morning for a 3 hour SP Flick around Iron Cove. I like to believe that my Training over the last 6 years has helped her. Nothing uncommon that she outfished me again (slow roll technique won hands down over my lift and pause technique). She managed 2x Bream (approx. 34cm & approx. 28cm) mixed in with a couple of smaller Flathead thrown in. Lets not talk about my smallest Flathead. I think it is time for the old dog to learn some new tricks and the Trainer be Trained. In any case great morning to be near the water - will try and add a couple of pics.

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Slow roll is severley underated in my opinion. Even better is to get a worm style plastic and just twitch it along the bottom. Sometimes simple really is best, and it has certainly saved me some sessions after fruitless hours of single hop, double hop, slow lift etc. etc.

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