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Northern Beaches firing up


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Gday Raiders

Headed out again yesterday to the northern beaches, it was slow going at first but as the tide changed the fish came on the bite.

got a nice mixed bag of flatties, a flounder, mowie, one good size jacket and two snapper which were bang on legal. I must have boated 20 undersize reds. So hard to find them at the right size.

The area i fish has really started producing in the last 2 weeks. It seems as though the fishing it taking a turn for the best finally !! Feb last year i would have bagged out on flatties within the first two hours and bust ups of bonito and kings were everywhere. 

Brinng on summer !!!



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3 hours ago, jenno64 said:

 Awesome session there GF! I assume you were offshore....what depth?

Thanks mate

yes offshore, drifting with a combination of soft plastics, pillies and prawns on a paternoster rig

started in 50m but i move around alot until the fish are found, this time it all happened in the 30m mark, last time 45m

i wonder what makes them move around so much

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