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sun sets in east gippy VIC


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the 1st 3 two pics were taken on a Tuesday and Friday in the same week on lake Victoria on the Gippsland lakes the other was before dark one night after gummys


enjoy I sure did

IMG_3480 (Medium).JPG


and back at the ramp on the 2nd shot

IMG_3545 (Medium).JPG

and on the beach one night we got 4 gummys



hope you liked them


cheers TAC

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I know what you mean about the colours,you never get identical sunrises/sunsets.  That is why I just love photographing them.  Here in the UK we have a house on the NE coast of England at Whitley Bay and am just a few minutes walk from the sea and when in residence rarely miss a sunrise.

Will add a couple of recent ones I took.








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