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mulloway tracking question


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Hi guys,

Firstly, wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

Upon cleaning a jewie I caught NYE, I noticed what seems to be a tracking device.  The piece of PK chewing gum is for size reference.



There is a website listed on the tag, but this is from the manufacturer of the product.  I tried searching in the forums and only came up with a extremely old post.   I also cant seem to get the QR reader on my phone to focus properly on the code provided.

I was aware that UNSW has done extensive studies using acoustic devices placed in mulloway in the Georges river system in the early to mid 2000's, but didnt think this program was still running.  I do participate in the current Mulloway research program run through Dr Julian Hughes (NSW Fisheries), so maybe this would be my first point of contact.  Would there be anyone else I should be contacting about it?

Extremely keen to find out more about acoustic tagging, and to volunteer the information I have from the fish it came from.


Tight lines for 2017 guys


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2 hours ago, mrsswordfisherman said:

Good place to start - they will know what it is tracking for sure.

Let us know.

Donna - I figure even if the UNSW program isn't running anymore, it would have had to go through DPI - Fisheries at some point, so if anyone will know how I could obtain further information, Julian will know.  Just asking the question here first to see if anyone else has captured mulloway with the acoustic tracker before and what they proceeded to do.


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