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Bate Bay


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Don't normally fish on a weekend, especially in the silly season, however, the forecast was for a low swell and light winds. With the hotter weather coming along over the next few days, decided to head outside to avoid the lunatics inside Port Hacking, and beat the hot days.

Tried trolling early near Jibbon for nothing, also threw around the squid jig for nothing.

Just before sunrise, I headed a bit further out into Bate Bay and drifted for some flatties. Not much drift at all, and all spikies on the bite. After some time, I found a patch of blue spots. Biggest only 44cm, most around 40, pulled out 6 then the wind stopped, the drift stopped and the bites stopped.

While waiting to see if anything was going to happen, something loaded up the rod with a good head shake, and I thought a big flattie. Then the line took off so I discarded that idea. After some time, I pulled out a kingie, but it was only 61cm.

Headed for home with a couple of feeds of flattie.

As a bonus when I was getting the boat ready for launch at mum's place, I pulled out a just under 30cm bream.

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