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Good feed of DY despite the breeze


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Had a late start due to my mates alarm setting skills .

The harbour looked good but on rounding the heads and heading north we realised that conditions were not ideal. with a fairly large northwerly sea.

With the sea anchor and a heavy sinker it was fishable although like being in a gym having a good workout, swinging around and hanging on.

There were  a few flathead around and after an hour or so it quietened down a bit.  We would have liked to change our technique and anchored and fished in closer but with the sea like it was out of the question.


About 11.30 am the breeze got too much to hold bottom so we surfed hometaking care to avoid broaching.

We both had some nice flathead, a mix of marbled and bluespot from35 to 52cm.

My catchmy-fish.jpg


Mates catchBarrys-fish.jpg


As is usual if I catch fish I have to cook it.cooked-fish.jpg

It was delicious and I have a couple more meals to come.

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