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First fishing of the year!


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Was fortunate enough to hit the water twice over the past weekend. Once freshwater, trying out some lures I bought on sale (still a learning curve, very new to lures), and once on a charter boat that operates out of Cronulla.

Friday lures -

My partner Cassie and I hit the Nepean with the hopes of getting Cassie onto her first bass, and first fish on a lure. I had quite a few strikes on the lure early, and dropped 2 small fish.

Eventually Cassie hooks up, and I'm screaming in excitement "Go Cass! Bring it in!" only to watch it drop off the lure. Disappointed.

About 5 minutes later I cast wide along the bank, lure hits the water and my line gets blown by the breeze onto a branch. Spewing! Manage to whip the line off the branch, and as soon as I gain tension, BANG! I'm on. Bring in a small bass.

While I'm landing mine, Cassie hooks up again! Two bass in. Packed up not long after as vision was getting poor.


Saturday - Charter

A bit of rain early in the morning, we hit 80m and drop lines. Almost instantly we have a hookup, and there's a morwong on the boat. Not much action after that, so we move over towards Botany and in a bit closer, 40-50m. Cass and I both ended up with a morwong each (hers weighed 2grams more than mine! :glare:). I managed a flathead as well, and then the wind picked up. After a while of having trouble holding bottom, and snagging and snapping leaders being dragged through the reef, we headed back.

All in all, a good first weekend fishing for the year! Looking forward to the rest of it.







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