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Thoughts on using burley for land based fishing


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G'day Raiders,

I always fish land based and have recently been toying with the idea of using burley to attract more fish and improve my chances. I'm wondering if anyone else does this, what's your experience, any hints/tips etc. 

Thanks in advance,


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it all depends on where u fish and what u fish for...blackfish respond to burley well  bream also..i burley on the beach when fishing for jew and nearly every one I get has burley in its gut..key factor is current or water movement of some kind to disperse the burley and make a "trail" for the fish to follow to your offerings on a hook..rick

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Hi Michael

I agree with Rick.

Like you I also fish land based and have had some experiences (good and bad) with burleying.

It's hard to put into a short comment and it really depends on where and when you are fishing and what you are chasing.

I do a lot of fishing off the beach and burleying just before dark on a rising tide has been beneficial.

Three things to remember with land based burleying though:

1) burleying land based during the day can attract lots of unwanted undersize fish (most of these fish disappear at night)

2) Be sure not to 'feed' the fish with burley - don't over do it causing them to be satisfied before your line hits the spot. An anchored burley bucket is a great option, don't shy away from a metal star post, mallet & keeper net filled with frames from the last catch.

3) Consider the flow (if any) of the water, sometimes you can take fish away from the area you're fishing with burley thrown into a strong sweep/ tidal area

Hope this helps.

Cheers, James

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When I use to fish from shore I made up a berley canister similar to the one pictured that I use in my boat now.It was 40mm pvc pipe about a foot long and I would through it out into my fishing Zone.

If the current was racing I'd through it out weighted and if there was no to little current I used it unweighted and caught the typical light tackle estuary species more often than not if they where there.

I found frozen berley both from the bank and in my boat work the best and are the easiest to deploy for me.

As Rex senior said,it's true that berley can attract small fry and bloody puffer fish at times but I wouldn't be without it.

The thing with being land based is you can't cover the ground you do in a boat and it pays to keep your baits moving and using berley.

Theres a million concoctions you can use(Just do a search) and see what works for you.



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I fish land and boat based and while I think in general burley is good there are times it causes more trouble than it is worth. I like to chase kings and most often will use personally caught squid to do so. There are areas I fish which have been burleyed to death and as a  result there is usually a school of leatherjackets in the area. If I fish these areas and find I am losing squid baits but not feeling any bites then I usually find all I am doing is feeding the local leatherjackets.

Just something to think about....

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