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Hi Guys,

I've decided to get a Kayak (i'm sure once i get it i'll regret not doing it ages ago). I'm going el cheapo with the soft roof racks and one of those small generic ones off e bay for storage and transport reasons. From all i've read they seem fine for stability in relatively benign conditions.

I'll be entirely in Sydney harbour more specifically middle harbour. Just wanted to know how you guys go re set ups ie do you have a light rod for the usual bream, flathead, trevally etc and one heavier for kings or putting out a livie? Obviously i want to maximise my time and not worry about chopping and changing too much while in the kayak.

Also do you need an anchor in the harbour?


Any suggestions on the best way to use space on the kayak and the general set up would be appreciated. Cant wait after about 6 years land based here.





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Grab the 4m version, carry what you're comfortable with and go from there. Ill generally run 3 rods of varying weights but will only ever fish with more than one if im trolling. Tie them down! Anchor is a personal choice depending how you'll fish, and middle harbor has high and low traffic areas, so keep that in mind.  However with a bit of balance you go over boat wake no worries



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went out on Saturday for my maiden voyage. Made it from Tunks park to northbridge baths which was a good paddle. Had a lure out the back but nothing interested. tied to a mooring at Northbridge baths and looked down into the water and there were some massive brean directly under me a couple of meters down. Didnt get anything there and had a few casts around the boats too. 

Despite no fish it was good to get everything sussed and learn quickly where to store things and what to take/leave behind for next time


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