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first trip of 2017 Ebor, NSW


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A very bust start to the year has seen the fishing rods be a little neglected but after a week long cubs camp it was time for some proper camping and fishing. So off it was to chase some trout on a property near Ebor I hadn't been there in close to 2 years.

This is probably one of the most beautiful places I have ever fished.



Enough about the scenery the fishing as always did not disapoint. 

Third cast and the doughnut was broken with a nice little rainbow he came out on nowhere the seconf the lue hit the water smashed it.


The same process went on for quite awhile the hits were coming thick and fast one thing that surpirsed me was the fish were really concentrated in the smaller runs rahter than the big pools. You do end up with a lot of dropped fish in this sort of water but still fun to watch them jump.




After many rainbows in the 25-27cm range came up solid on a slightly better fish and after the first jump all i saw was brown it was hard to contain my excitement (there are only a few browns in this stream and are considered very precious by the land owner) he was a nice 29cm specimen.




The fish were really savage actually had a trout jump onto a rock out of the water to grab the lure.


Ended up walking about 2.5km of stream with 30 fish landed biggest going 31cm and i probably dropped close to that number again. The lure of choice was the Rapala Husky Jerk Tennesse shad.

thanks for reading 



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