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Hawkesbury river house boat


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Could  someone please give me some advice I have a house boat booked for a week in the Hawkesbury. I have never been out on one or fished the Hawkesbury so any hints tips ect would be really appreciated. Also if anyone has been out do they have rod holders? 


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Hey Shane, 

Taking a houseboat on the Hawkesbury is a great way to spend some relaxing time. I would travel down Cowan creek and anchor up at Waratah bay. There are many public moorings you can use. Yes the boats do come with holders (well most do). Either WB or Jerusalem bay will keep you away from most boat traffic and are generally more productive fishing areas. 

Get a steady burley trail going and a mixture of baits from Hawkesbury squid, prawns or pillys will do the trick. 

Good luck and enjoy! 

Cheers scratchie!!! 

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Thats some great advice from scratchie

also, house boats are great for fishing whilst ur not fishing. Drop a slab of yellowtail or mullet down whilst ur cooking dinner or playing a game of cards and if the rod goes off your only 3m away ! 

My only additional advice is to check the house boat clearance maps that the house boat hire company will give you, some areas will be off limits as a company rule so just be mindful of that too

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