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Tuross Heads Jewies & Flathead


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Just back from the annual family break to Tuross. Fishing was by boat in the river from near the entrance up to 20kms inland.

Target, flathead, bream, whiting.......plastics, poddy mullet, nippers, live prawns.

Results. I'm at the point now where I won't fish the river on a rising tide. 3 outings for pretty much donuts.

4 trips on an outgoing tide were really good.......average of 6 flathead per trip all over 40cm and up to 57cm, plus lots of legal bream - released these. Also a 6.6kg/83cm jewie on a live prawn.

Just to reinforce this experience, I went to Careel Bay in Pittwater Saturday to get some poddy mullet. Arrived 30 mins before high tide. Gin clear, warm water over the sand flats.....waded for 200m without seeing any form of life - not even a toadfish. Just completely dead. Wasn't in a hurry so waited for an hour or so until the tide started running out. In came the baby bream, whiting, toadies, and I had 20 poddy mullet in no time. Fished with these in our favourite Hawkesbury spots yesterday morning for another donut - run in tide! I know people say run out tide is best - especially for flathead - now I'm convinced.

Happy new year to fellow raiders and I hope you have a fish or 2 to brag about from the holiday period.jewfish.PNG


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Sounds like a good time down there.

Depending on the locations, the run out is usually good for flatties, but in some places, I have picked up flatties on the start of the run up, as they start to swim over the shallow flats looking for critters to eat.

On the high tide the flatties can be spread out over the flats and be harder to locate. On the last of the run out, the flatties will sit just over the edge of the flats, waiting for critters to swim into the deeper water.

Many years ago, when I fished in Tuross up a bit from the entrance, I found the flatties bit best on the start of the run up.

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