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Bate Bay again


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Drifted Bate Bay from sunrise, patches of little spikies from the start. After a while I headed past the lighthouse and pulled up 4 blue spots, then the wind picked up and buggered the drift - was too fast and hard to hold bottom.

So I moved closer to shore and shallower water, and pulled out 2 more blue spots, then the wind picked up more speed, so headed home. A lot of spray over the side of the boat heading home across the wind chop.

The biggest flattie was 45cm, but enough fillets for a couple of feeds.

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5 hours ago, Fab1 said:

I don't know how you do it mate but you always manage a feed.Good eating there too.Well done!

It was a bit of hard work, with the wind slop and the wind pushing the drift too fast.

Just had a swim at Wanda Beach, still a bit of swell (some good waves for a body surf) but bugger all wind today, so it would have been a much better day off the coast for a drift.

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