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1st SP Catch at Hen & Chicken bay


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Hey lads


Today i got my very first catch with a soft plastic, absolutely stoked!

I fished off of the ledge from Halliday park to where the tinnys are upside down.

I used the hop and pause technique but i didnt experience anything then i kinda used the same technique but my rod was sideways, my rod tip wasnt facing my line (if that makes sense) and thats when i got my 1st flatty

After i got to 2 big hits but failed to set the hooks using that "sideways" technique lol. I feel my rod tip is to stiff whenever i do the normal double hop and pause the line is so slack even if i reel in. Not to sure


But anyway! Cant wait to get back out i like this spot

I was using a 3" Zman paddletail Opening night

3/4 jighead  (pink)

Pro cure mullet


Absolutely stoked! Copped so much crao of my mates saying i will never catch anything with a lure and im so happy adter trying for hours and hours ive finally done it haha


It was about 43cm i let it go after doing some dental work extracting that lure lol



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8 hours ago, Wellzy94 said:

Top stuff mate! The rush you get from a fish hitting a lure or SP is incomparable to bait fishing. You also don't go home smelling like prawns! Lol.


Sure, it can be addictive, particularly when you add sight fishing.  And you can change the rod from plastic one to cork handle one as no smelly and sticky fingers will touch it.

I got my first flatty in the past on lures after a few hours of casts and fast retrieves only when I got the first braid birdnest and the lure finally had a chance to stay on the bottom for a while. The fish just could not catch it earlier  :D.


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