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Talbingo, Snowy Mountains

big Neil

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Just come back from 3 days in the mountains with our neighbours. Water skiing (not me) and 4WD up and over the mountains, swimming in crystal clear mountain streams...alas no time for fishing. I can do plenty of that at home. Hope you enjoy the pictures. BN

.IMG_8230resize.jpg Ready for skiingIMG_8325resize.jpg Couple of guys catching redfin in Talbigo ReservoirIMG_8331resize.jpgIMG_8360resize.jpgIMG_8363resize.jpgIMG_8369resize.jpg Jounama pondageIMG_8383resize.jpg Climbing the mountains in the 4WD...about 800m elevationIMG_8372resize.jpg Spillway...mesmerizing watching the water thundering through.IMG_8391resize.jpg Waterfall 900mIMG_8394resize.jpgGold in these streams.IMG_8398resize.jpgIMG_8402resize.jpgIMG_8406resize.jpg Pylons scathe through the tree line...IMG_8410resize.jpg The view from about 1km up the mountain

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A lovely part of the world. I've stayed in the town a couple of times on the way to the Snowy Ride which is a fund raising bike ride at Thredbo. I have to say the golf club has a great deck to relax on after a long days ride & the food there is great as well

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